She moves with grace and poise,

Like a breeze through fields of flowers.

Her eyes, like jewels, catch the light,

Reflecting all the colors of the world.

Her voice, soft and gentle, Soothes my soul like a lullaby.

I could listen to her speak for hours,

Lost in the cadence of her words.

Her laughter, like a symphony, Fills my heart with joy and wonder.

In her presence, I feel alive,

As though nothing could ever bring me down.

I am captivated by her beauty,

But it is her kindness and compassion,

Her strength and her resilience, That truly set her apart.

She is a wonder, a marvel,

A shining star in a dark sky.

A person I am proud to call my friend.

And in this world of chaos and noise,

You are a beacon, a shining voice.

For they are the highlights of my life.

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