Pen in my hand.

Deadpan on the visage.

Thoughts in my mind.

Lost in some place.

Sitting here all day, staring at the wall.

Trying to write down, but my hands don’t scrawl.

I am getting so anxious and glued on what to write.

But the fog won’t clear away maybe it’s not the best time.

I could try again tomorrow, but all i want is to just write.

There’s so much on my mind and so much i want to say

But this mind fog will not clear right away.

I am stoic for a moment, thinking what i thought.

Its been 3 in the morning, I’ve been through a lot.

I think I’ve lost the forte, that’s what i fear.

Now I’ve lost all my words.

Excluded and suppressed, my mind is jacked: I am at the verge of giving up.

Obstructed by reality

Excluded and suppressed.

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