No one is as busy as they think they are, not getting enough sleep, not getting enough work, not getting enough of anything. At least in my case, I can say that I am never that busy to take some time off for things I like or things I have a passion for.

I don’t feel like writing up a long article on how I started trading stocks and cryptos. Rather, I would like to share a few of the lessons that I’ve learned over the years. The first lesson is that you should try to learn from the mistakes of others. Whenever I make a new investment, I always look at the performance of others who are outperforming me. By doing so, I am able to learn what not to do. For instance, I found out that one of my pal shorted the market after a huge decline in the price of bitcoin. After selling, he lost all his money and got liquidated, coz the market was just testing and re-tested. This experience taught me that it is never wise to go on the emotional side of an investment because it won’t be a calculated and predicated risk; after that it becomes more like a lottery. You hoping that bla bla stock or crypto goes up and you make a big amount from that, it’s never gonna happen until you make it count. There are millions of people out there just like me & you, outperforming me and you at the same time. Everyone on youtube and insta making reels on personal finance these days also with time management you might be fed up or more excited, whatever the case is, lets leave it to some other time.

There are tons of things to learn from. But I just want to share two things with you people that I implement in my life.

  • Never lose money- Means you gotta play it smart, for example, if I make 10 bets and 3 go on the wrong side/dead end, I have got enough from those 7 to compensate for those 3 losses.
  • Always leave enough to survive on

Noone wants to hear your story or free advice funtil you break the threshold

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