Imagine being able to pick up any book,read it, and remember almost everything from it. This kind of superpower memory recall might feel like fiction, but there are people in the real world that seem to carry an incredible ability to hold on information and I’m definitely not one of them.

I’ve read hundreds of books,
blogs, and newsletters, but my ability to recall any of it is terrible. So I decided to finally look into this blind spot, to learn about how the smartest people in the world remember information and to uncover their systems so I can use them for myself. If I were to show you a non-fiction book that you’ve read over the past year whether it was for school work, or your own personal development How likely are you to be able to remember five facts from the book? How well could you explain the book to someone else?

There’s not much of a point
of reading non-fiction books, particularly books about personal development if you’re not actually going to absorb and implement the insights but remembering everything might be a bit if a stretch for the average person. After some research, I discovered that our ability to remember things varies wildly from person to person. Some have terrible memories others exceptional and even others have photographic memories. As you might have guessed, the average memory is messy and often unreliable. It’s easier for us to remember events that provide a deviation from our typical sensory experience. Like getting hit in the face with a ball, that interesting thing you learned from that self help book| “not so much” but my question is CAN WE CHANGE THAT? And the answer YES.

To know follow the next part

2 thoughts on “The Ultimate System to remember everything (Part-1)”
  1. Wooow I definitely want to know how to remember
    Personally I am a person with little retention of information but if this will help us I am interested in reading your research
    Thank you for this fact, greetings.

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