count me in, whenever a daydream strikes. DAYDREAM- stream of counsciousness that detaches from current. Its often been considered the stuff of slackers. However, recent thought has shifted. Nowadays daydreming is considered a healthy state of mind/brain.

Unintentional daydreaming is when a daydream disrupts someone this can often interrupt as you are focusing on task. While it can be annoying the same time when you counsiouslly shift to the real world.

Why Fake scenarios are good for you?

You will be able to return to you problem more refreshed. Most of us can benefit from approaching our problems with fresh perspective, thats why we need sleep when we take break from heavy crying. This can go otherwise too when feeling down and depressed you might consider taking a tour to daydream world or fake scenarios to uplift yourself, then when wake up to reality you feel more depressed.

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